The Walking Dead Issue 126 by Robert Kirkman

Issue 126 cover
Ay esque- I cannot give a review on this issues without cursing a whole hell of a lot!
Negan!!!!! Rick!!!!! CARLLLLLLLL!
Damn- some serious action backed stuff ladies and gents. If you didn’t know this is the conclusion issues of the All Out War section of The Walking Dead comics. And thank FUCKING SHIT FUCK for that. If it wouldn’t have ended soon, I probably would have thrown up from the intensity. I’ve been reading these last few issues with fucking dread.
So we have Negan but an OMEGA ALPHA ASSHOLE with serious mental disorders. He thinks he’s won but alas- Rick has risen from the dead and kicked some Negan ass!
The last like 1,000 issues I feel like have been about this fucker Negan. I am just so glad its closed a little tiny Negan chapter. Even tho- And I saw this with clenched teeth and a sarcastic tone: Rick… wants… to… be.. a… bigger… man… and… not… kill… Negan. He… is… going… to… put… Negan… in… apocalyptic… jaaaaiiillll. Personally, I think Rick is fucking LOCO in the motherfucking COCO. BUT alas, I at least get to breathe a little better knowing Negan is hurt by someone’s amazing shooting.
I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next. Here’s a sneak pic on next issue’s cover….
TWD127 p1
Who is that lady? I just don’t know- she’s pretty for being in an apocalypse. Maybe they have hot showers where she’s at. LOL
Happy reading,

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