Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

CLEAN UP ON AISL FOOOUUUUURRRRRR! I have officially melted all over the effing place! That was steamy and hot and hawt and damn! 
LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. Loved the vapid cursing. I could totally fucking relate to that. 😉
OK so this story is a little a la Fifty Shades of Grey. Which kinda turned me off a little tad bit but then the huh huh huh scenes were NOT Fifty at all! BUT before I get to that.
We have our heroine- Kyrie and our very rick bloke- Roth. 
So we have Kyrie, a nearly poor College student who supports her mentally disturbed mom and her younger brother. Its heard not to feel for the poor girl. She starts getting these mysterious checks once a month for a year. All her worries and prayers have been answered. UNTIL… 
Her benefactor has come to collect from her… actually, he has sent someone to collect HER.
She goes semi-willing. And meets his voice. YEA- he blindfolds her in a non-kinky Fifty way. Different- A little unbelievable, however, it is what it is people! 
We finally meet Roth, this mysterious benefactor. Young sounding. Intelligent. Well spoken. Polite. And of course he has to be hunky hulk of a man. 
We spend a few chapters getting to knew him via his voice because Key is blindfolded for 3 days. Well sorta. Again- not in a want to chop you up in little pieces kind of blind folder. Just in a you can’t see my face for thou may not see me yet kind of way. 
Anyways they spend a few days getting to know each other and you can tell there is some serious lusting going on both way. Its neat- very different kind of romance. When she is finally allowed to see him, she’s smitten- Did we except anything different? :-p
So he’s hunky and she’s HIS! Possessive caveman and all. Love it! BUT he holds a secret. A BIG ONE!
Its a shocker- you don’t expect it and its just one of those you go QUE QUE WHAAAAAAT about.
All in all its was a really steamingly HOT romance novel. A little different. Worth the almost $6 on Amazon for it.
Happy Reading,

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