The Walking Dead Comic #121 by Robert Kirkman

Side Note: You all don’t know how fucking happy I am about these comics being in black and while because with all the blood these characters shed would actually fill all of our oceans about 3 times. Its insanity.
Negan and Lucille- I am so very fucking disturbed about this guy. I don’t speed read his stuff because it such a short 24 page comic and I’d miss a few minutes but he’s such a fuckhead.
Speaking of Son of a Dick (line from Abraham in The Walking Dead- He’s second episode appearance)- Poor Eugene! He’s tortured and still doesn’t say much. How loyal. And to think I almost killed you myself over the battery thing and the radio. 
Denise officially dies in this episode and one of the few funeral/burial scenes. 
In this episode the gang heads out of Alexandria.
The most epic part of this issue is when Andrea and Rick are packing up to head out of Alexandria. Andrea asks Rick is he needs anything else. He walks into the closet sees the Lori phone and say “no”. Kinda leaving Lori behind. It was a silver lining folks- it was EPIC!
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