The Walking Dead Comic #120 by Robert Kirkman

I don’t know how many times I have to say this BUT…
I am so over him. I am so over his psychoticness. I can’t. Its such a shame I am so invested in this series that I can’t really give it up like a bad habit but if I could… I would because DAMN this is fucking ridiculous already. 
Also poor Holly (RIP). And who the fuck didn’t know she wasn’t a Zombie. She didn’t talk for crying out loud and she was walking weird AND she had a bag over her dead. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
Oye Kirkman- you kill Holly and Denise in the same issue? WTF? This is seriously like bad. NOT worse than Glenn but DANG HOMIE why  you gotta do that fo’. And poor Doc Denise had to save her boyfriend Heath. 
This is getting CRAZY!
Happy Reading,

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