The Walking Dead #122 by Robert Kirkman

Holy Shit Fuck BATMAN!
First Off- Jesus is Gay. Which makes me smile! 🙂
Next- Everyone is at the Hilltop. Now they plan but of course FUCKING NEGAN is an asshole who found another type zombie warfare to attack these poor people. He’s zombiefying weapons and sit. BAD BAD BAD MAN!
I am loving the Rick and Andrea factor of the comics. Like I’ve said before- the silver lining to this very dark turn. 
IT SEEMS like Dwight gets some help with the plan against Negan. Another little greyer silver lining. That’s exciting. 
I’m predicting a little more death than usual in the next issue. Especially this issue ends Negan plans to attack come sundown. Which blows because you know Ke$ha said it best “Shits about to go down”.
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