The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

I have FINALLY finished The Rosie Project! Let’s just start off if you like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory you are going to LOVE The Rosie Project!
If you aren’t hooked by that then I don’t know what else is going get you hooked on this book. 
The God’s Honest Truth:
This book fucking DRAGS! Which is why it took me about a month to finish it and I had to read a few book inbetween! I honestly thought it would never end. But alas, I could not give up on Sheldon Coop- I mean, Donald Tilman. Eh.
I am so sorry for the all the Big Bang Theory pics but when I was reading this book- picturing Sheldon Cooper was the only thing getting me through to the next page AND sometimes it wasn’t enough. The theory behind this book is wonderful. Social awkward guy meetings stunningly beautiful girl. And you know- its just awkward trainwreckage to follow and you know where this is going to end and it just doesn’t FUCKING end! lol
Its a good book- it is. Don’t expect any sex, but there isn’t any which was heartbreaking to me! With that being said its an OK book with lots of different book scenarios. DO I regret reading it? No- However, if there is a sequel or prequel I will NOT be reading it! 🙂
And that concludes another book review. As for now… SHAZZLES!
Happy Reading,

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