Allegiant by Veronica Roth

**Contains Spoilers**
So I finished Allegiant yesterday… FINALLY! And I felt so weird about it I couldnt have written anything yesterday.
First, I would like to mention the book opening with a line from the Erudites stating something like all things that start need to finish and all questions that need answers nees to be answered. When I read that I got super excited. I waa like this book is going to rock!
And then I started it… and I almost didn’t finish it. It drained boys and girls. Drags like a dead body. I’ll come back to dead bodies in a bit. It dragged so bad I had to call my friend who read the book already to ask if it was worth reading. And of course the cunt said yes… so I kept on keeping on.
I felt this book was boring as fuck. And characters seemed very uncharacteristic. Especially toward end. To which I have to specifically have to talk to Veronica Roth for this one.
Dear Ms. Veronica Roth,
   I have been a fan of this series since the first few pages of the first book. I was hooked and so were a few of my co-workers. We read them together and would discuss the series in the office.
   Let me start off by saying you have artistic freedom to create whatever story you damn well wish. With that being said I really feel like telling you to go fuck yourself for making us go on the fucking rollar coaster for 3 books to just kill off one of the best heroines I have ever read. And after surviving death serum and gun shots. Come on! I am hollow inside and so damn disappointed that I don’t know I can ever read one of your books again. I cannot do that to myself again.
How can you sleep at night knowing one of the best fictional characters ever created has died. I feel like you shot her and me at the same time.
Also, can you get me some memory serum so I can forget this series?
Thank you.

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