Connected by the Sea by El Todd

I’m sorry, I need a minute. I need to lower the AC because I am boiling… this book is HOT HOT SMOLDERINGLY HOT! WOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Caution: if you are pregnant, person wearing cervical collars or neck braces, or have neck or back problems shall not read this book.  

Amazing Amazing Amazing book! If I could I would give it more stars on goodreads.com. What great character developments. I cried, I got raging pissed, I was excited, I laughed! Which in all 400+ books I have read I may have only laughed out loud maybe 5 times… that’s saying something! 🙂

Characters are LOVABLE. Even more HATEABLE. And then you have the occational few that you hate to love or love to hate or HATE TO BLOODY THEIR FACES HATE! This was a serious rollarcoaster book, however, it didn’t leave me emotionally drained. I can function after it which is nice!

Our heroin is Sydney and our smoldering hot hero is Coen. What amazing chemistry these two have! From their first meeting to the last damn page. Its nonstop passion (not always in the lets get it on way) but just passion for each other for what they do for a living for what they want to do when they finish school. 

What I loved most about this book was Sydney is an amazing heroin and such a great influence on the youth of today. She makes her life better regardless of her past. She gives her past the finger and moves on, tries to improve her self esteem. Its very inspiring to watch, even if I am not longer of that age. 

So obviously by the cover this is a love story. This was a little of a predictable love story… which I don’t mind at all. But at times it tossed you some curve balls that I wasn’t sure it was going to end well for our couple… Syden or Codney? Nonetheless, I can see this book giving hope to the hopeless. The situations in this book are rather ripped by Law & Order SVU. I can and have seen this happen to people and sometimes it doesn’t turn out happy endings. Not everyone had a wonderful childhood but not all thos rotten children from those bad childhoods turn into crackheads and pimps. They turn there lives apart and I like that message from this book. With that being said… this book is seriously adjust yourself because you are getting uncomfortable in the nether regions kind of HOT.

I recieved a goodreads.com message from the author and asked if I was interested in reading it. I would read it and give an honest reciew… which I ALWAYS do! 🙂

I would have paid to read this book and then I would have reviewed it! It is worth it.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

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