The Walking Dead Comic #117


Can I just say WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCKING SHIT IS THIS FUCKING SHIT? Negan joke? No? He’s too much of an asshole to joke about? I try to hate him and I do… hate him but he curses and I just can’t help but laugh. I’m a sucker for a good string of curses. Especially when they go on for a while and are creative. 

OK… enough of the curse god. Holly is a bad ass in this issues. BAD FUCKING ASS! Sacrificial lamb and all. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Michonne and Ezekiel relationship. I am happy Michonne gets a normal guy… well as normal as one gets during the fucking apocalypse. And his tiger- Shiva was it? Eating the zombies still undead? Wow!

I still want to kick Robert Kirkman in the balls. Glenn? REALLY? I don’t think I’m ever going to let that GO! Whatever… moving on.

That last few pages with the attempt rape scene was intense. I was really hoping this wasn’t another Michonne and the Governor thing. I was really hoping Kirkman didn’t deserve another kick in the balls for that. BUT alas Kirkman and his crew of literary bandits saved the day! YAY! However… my beef with that scene was why talk to the rapist so much if you were just going to kill him anyways? Couldn’t he just KILL the fucker and then explain to Holly, as she’s exposed, as to WHY he killed him? And why wasn’t Holly screaming when he was all grabby with her anyhow? Oh Holly Holly Holly!

Its only 24 pages to talk about folks. A lot of shit goes down in 24 pages. That takes 10 minutes for me to read and then another month to wait for! Unfair. You hook up and then make up wait.

In my opinion, the comics are way better than the TV series. HOWEVER it has many differences sometimes and that is most times I do believe it is two different series. Which is good. Keeps it interesting. As always… the books are usually better than the movies. Comics in this case. 🙂

Until next time folks.

Happy reading!


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