The Walking Dead Comics #1 – 116


Can I just say OH MY FUCKING GOD! This series is intense! And not just CAUTION DO NOT READ IF YOU  HEART PROBLEMS intense but an OMG they just did NOT do that and I am about to RIOT intense! 

Let me just say I didn’t really watch the beginning of the first season of the TV show. I know the basis… Rick in coma, wakes up to no one, finds dead do not enter, leaves hospital, goes to Atlanta, finds a horse, rides until he finds his family. Best friend fucks wife, who think he’s dead/gone/coma and then all hell breaks lose. Blah blah blah. And that same exact thing happens in the comics. Same thing. And then that’s when the SHIT hits the fan!

I’m not going to get into too much detail here about the comics because DAMN thats like 116 comics I have to review. But I’m just going to go into my biggests beefs..

1. My biggest beef in the series is the unnecessary death of Glen. WTF KIRKMAN? I wanted to so badly smash your head in with that bad it was so BAD! I don’t believe I was so pissed to see someone die in a series before… on tv or in a book or any form of media. I was LIVID! Beyond WORDS. I actually wanted to stop reading. It was really bad stuff folks. Glen was the 2nd character we are introduced to so when he dies its like OH SHIT ANY GOES NOW! *sigh*

2. Why does the Governor look Mexican? I have nothing against Mexicans, Mexico or any Spanish Nation. I’m Cuban so its not that. Its just that my first introduction was clean cut, american Gov man on TV and then I see him in the Comics and I’m like why does he look Mexican? It bothered me that they didn’t keep him constant.

3. Negan and this fucking 12 part sections. Really Kirkman? You are going to drag our this Negan fuck for an entire fucking year? LAME! Beyond fucking lame!

4. Andrea being all “We don’t die, Rick”. Please bitch. Everyone dies. I’m just not sure when. I love Andrea in the comics. Don’t really care too much about her so much in the show. She is up there with Daryl… SPEAKING OF.

5. WHERE THE FUCK IS DARYL DIXON in the comics? Enough said!

6. And what the hell is this shit of giving up 24 pages once a month for this comic? WTF? I don’t like waiting. I’m not a very patient woman… as you can tell!

7. This is not a complaint… I kinda like that the comic book characters are horny bunnies!

8. Ok Kirkman, I am onto you with these 4 parters, 5 parters, 12 parters… this means lots of people are going to die and probably major characters too. Which pisses me the fuck off before I have even started reading. 

9. I really wished I would have started this series when it was finished so I could read all of it. As I stated I hate this waiting bullshit!

10. Not a negative: I am flipping glad this series is in black and white. I don’t think I could stomach it being in color. NO freaking way! Its bad enough the covers are in color!

Well there you go. My not so professional in put in The Walking Dead Comics. If you are a fan of the TV show then I could definitely say so read the comics with an open mind. 

Be happy. Be safe. Keep reading. Happy Thanksgiving!


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