The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines, #3)

I just finished this book and I am in such a state of bliss its not even funny. What is funny either that it took me like 3 days to read this book! All that and I was like super busy these last few days. *sigh* Let’s not talk about what I was busy with that ultimately delayed me finishing this book… *fake cough* work! Ahem…

OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! What a good freaking book! (sorry I’m keeping cursing to a minimum since I gave up cursing for lent… so bare with me for the next 40… I mean 39 days.)

So we have our heroine, Sydney Sage who is an alchemist (very strict, very narrow minded group of people who keep records and live their lives by the very strict book). She’s growing up and realizing what she’s thought was right her enitre life isn’t what she might want anymore and she finds flaws in her people’s lifestyle. Enter Adrian the very handsome royal vampire who was a huge part of the past series (this being the spin off series. first series is titled Vampire Academy… go read it, it is quite possible my favorite series ever!). Ok so in the previous book Adrian has confessed his LOVE for Sydney. BUT Sydney being Sydney, she feels like she’s can’t reciprocate and she shouldn’t because he’s an unnatural being that is evil. That same message that his been instilled in her since her birth from the alchemists. Adrian has had a rough couple of months. He was heartbroken pretty badly not too long ago and still manages to put that heartbreak aside and love Sydney. *sigh* Its beautiful!

Anyways… lots of magic and adventure and love and kissing and random freaking stuff happens and it just amazing. Go read it… If I could give this a million stars… I would!

Ms. Richelle Mead is a genius  She writes so well it almost makes you forget that this is a fiction masterpiece and not real life. I almost expect to find Adrian in his mustang when I leave the house to go somewhere just waiting for me to take me along some crazy adventure. BUT alas, it is a work of fiction and there is not Sydney and no Adrian and no mustang! *sigh* She writes really well and makes you get lost in her world of Vampire Academy/Bloodlines! 

If you haven’t read any of these books before, please start with Vampire Academy #1… yes, you have 9 books to catch up on to be completely caught up and its well worth it! Amazing stuff.



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