Always by Carol Rose



As you may have figured out… I am a SUCKER for romance, period. I can’t say this was an amazing romance story, Romeo and Juliet style but this was a very good. Because this was very predictable but it was romance none the less! 

This books takes Elinor and Cole through a nice adventure of romance and lies and love. It’s pretty much boy meets girl. Girl and boy have connection. Somehow their past take over their future. Girl resists. Girl and boy insure. Some sexy time. BOOM climax. And then the last 15 pages you do kinda wonder if things can work out just in the nick of time. All this jammed in a slightly rushed book. There really isn’t anything that sticks out in this book worth mentioning. It was a good, fast read and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside… but other than that if you want a shortish book with some really romantic scenes then read Always by Carol Rose.


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