Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher

**Spoilers may lie ahead**

What an amazing book/series! It is NOT traditional. It is not the typical romance (ei. boy meetings girl, they fall in love, have 1 big conflict and then fall happily in love with the happily ever afters). I love that!

What I don’t love is psychotic people! And everyone who is in the book is more psychotic than the ones before them! Obsession. Greed. Love misguided. Lies (understatement of life). Betrayal.

And all in a span of 800 plus pages.

I started reading this book yesterday around 8 pm and finished it today during my lunch period at work. I was torn between reading it too fast because it will end and wanting to know more! I’m totally heart broken that this book is over but I’m so glad because if I had to read any more of Leah’s treacherous bullcrapola I would have cut a b****! I hated this woman from page 1 until the last line of the book. Not even kidding. I hated her while I was feeling sorry for her. I hated her while she was crying fetal position. I hated her when she smiled on her baby. I hated that Ms Fisher let her live when she tried to off herself.

BUT I DID NOT HATE THE BOOK! The book was amazing and give you an entire new insight to the previous book. Good stuff… great… AMAZING series so far.

If you are looking for something to WOW you or to take your mind off your life for even a little bit of time… read this series.

What I really liked about this book is that you didn’t necessarily HAVE to read the prior book to understand but if you did read the prior book then it enhances that experience for you. Ms. Fisher is an amazing story teller and I am so looking forward to reading some more of her things in the future.

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