Demonica 3-5

Let me tell you somthing… I read these stories so fast, I didn’t give myself a break to write a blog about each of them… and let me tell you why.

Demonica is beyond addictive and I afraid to say that I believe these books were so good, they have now royally FUCKED any other book I am going to read. The bar was set high on this series… and it succeeded!

I am sad to say that after Demonica Book 5, Sin Undone, there will not be another demonica book.

However, there is still Lords of Deliverance. Which is a spin off series! Muahahahaha! That I’ve already downloaded onto my kindle and I’m ready to read. However, I am acually reading 3 series at the same time now that Demonica is done.

Currently Reading:
Midnight Breed book 8
Lords of Deliverance
Lords of the Underworld (prequel)

Which will be keeping my busy for a while 🙂

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