Pleasure Unbound (Demonica Book 1) by Larrisa Ione review


Let me tell you, this book should come with a disclaimer… if you suffer from heart disease or are pregnant please read with caution because you are in for a definate ride


Is what I have got to say!

Okay, now that my after shocks are still rocking me and I wasn’t fucked by these demons in this book I can give a proper review! Phew! Ok so this book follows Eidolon, a sucubi doctor who runs a demon hospital with his 2 younger brothers and Tayla, who is a slayer hunter who is founds is a twin and is also half demon.

Needless to say this book covers more aspects than just mind blowing sex and sum right off the pages. They dwell a lot into loyalty, family, real life situations, abuse, a ton of shit that’s completely relatable. The author makes you love these characters more than you would normally.

So if you’re looking for a hot adventure, with some serious ass kicking action with a heavy dose of sexual prowess. Then this is the book for you! Just the first in the series.

I must say, the common case of most of these stories and movies and tv shows are the slayer falls for the vampire (see Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv show). But Ione makes this tail unique. She gives it another spin that hasn’t been told before. She developes these characters by giving them mega depth, makes them more than just 2 dementional characters and makes you really gives a shit about if they die or not or of they get together in the end or not (which almost any romance novel you read you know they are going end up together before the story even starts you know this for a fact).

This gets 5 stars out of 5! I loved it J

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