Desire Unleashed (Demonica book 2) by Larris Ione review

I just finished Desire Unchained and I’ve got to say that I didn’t think it was going to be possible but this book was so much hotter and so much better than than the 1st Demonica book!
Woooooooooooo-fucking-aaaaaahhhhhhhhh X1,000
This book follow’s Shade, E’s brother from the privious book and Runa. Shade is a peramedic and Runa is a newly turns Werewolf, who became Shade’s ex nearly 1 year before the time of this novel when she walked in on him fucking 2 other chicks! That was kinda tough to read but I got over it when he became less of a dick as the book went on! lol
So Shade is cursed. If he falls in love he’ll pretty much become transparent and sieze to exist. Which he doesn’t want.
As the book starts out, we find Shade in a cage with Runa. He doens’t know why he’s there and he doesn’t know why she’s their either. He knows he was taken when he was with his sister Skulk but he isn’t sure where she is at that time of waking up. Anyways, as he wakes, he gets some info… she lets him know that she had been there exactly a week from when he’s been taken in. That she was taken outside his place. And that they bring her food.
During the time of getting info, he taken to get tortured for information. He doens’t give in and realizes that he’s being tormented by his dead brother Roag, who was also very psycho and just not well in the head.
During their time in captivity, Roag thinks it to be quite funny to see Shade and Runa mated. Yes, hilarious… especially when it comes to Shade’s curse. Bugger…
Roah has a skin that we read that Wraith had, from book 1, which is that he can get into someone’s head and have them have a sexual fantasy and make it feel quite real. Well Roag does this to Shade and Runa, making it so they made, exchange blood and the entire bit.
This is bad news for the both of them…
They practically spend the majority of the time trying to hate eachother. For one, Runa TRIES to had Shade due to the betrayal she still felt from nearly a year ago when she found him in bed with 2 other woman. And Shade is just trying to hate her so he doesn’t fall in love with her and disappear. Both are really great reasons to hate the person you fall in love with…
Anyways, they spend the entire book hating eachother until Shade starts to fade and TADA it is reveals to himself and to her that he loves her. Okay, this time say it with me. “awwwwwwww” 🙂
Awwww, until you realize “holy shit” that can’t be good. But as always, Ione has saved the day by writing in a catch. He gives his fading curse to Roag. So Ione just killed 2 birds with 1 stone, which is fine, the sooner they get to more love making the better, I say!
All in all , it was a good book, also with mega amounts of action, sex and tons of sweet moments that make your heart strings sing.

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