Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed Book 4) by Lara Adrian Review


Rio and Dylan’s story…

Let me just say that I liked this story because Rio is a Spanard from my motherland. So that made me mad happy. Because normally, all these vampires are pretty little white boys from the Americas. This was a nice change with a select few spanish phrases that I enjoyed. It made me happy…

The other thing that made me enjoy this story was that Rio’s story started in the first book, which was nice because he had more depth than the other brothers in the book. If you’ve been reading the books in order, then you know a lot of Rio’s backstory… such as his first bloodmade Eva (i believe that’s her name) betrayed Rio and the Breed by making a trap with their enemy to destroy their Gen One leader and hurt Rio bad enough so he wouldn’t be able to fight ever again. Later on in this book, we realize WHY his breedmate did this (she was selfish and only wanted Rio for herself… which I guess makes you really not like her and really don’t make her being dead so much).

Anyways, his breedmate comes back for a few cameos. See, Dylan can see dead Breedmates. They come to her with messages. Well, his dead mate comes to Dylan asking her to help Rio, who has been in a cave for 3 or 4 months WITHOUT having fed. He’s miserable. He’s distructive. He’s depressed. He’s a mess. But he’s still a man…

Well see, Dylan sees the Dead Mate and follows her into this cave where Rio is in and she investigates. Did I mention that Dylan was a journalist? No… oh well, it gets interesting after her first cave encounter…

She goes in. Finds all these bones and where the first gen vampire was kept for too many years. Also on the cave walls she finds the birth mark that she has on her body, that she’s had all her life. The crecent moon with the tear drop. Which all the Breedmates have. Which is what determines a female from a Breedmate.

So she’s in this cave where she runs out because she gets scared. Well, how about this, she goes back and finds Rio. She runs again. Only to be hunted by her as he finds her scent in the city.

He stalks her, finds her, and what do you know? She’s alone at that point, because she’s sent pictures of the cave to her boss, the journalist and she’s been assigned to do more research so she sends all her friends along the way, without her. Anyways, they go on some journeys. He pushes her away. She stands her ground. And he agrees to save her.

(I really don’t remember so much this book since I’ve already read book 5 already and I’m currently reading another book already lol sorry guys…)

(Side Note: A another reason why I like this story is because Dylan actually has a family, she has a mom why has cancer. And cancer is something that everyone has dealth with: either you’ve dealt with it yourself, or a friend has or a family member has… it a topic really close to my heart and I like how they show Dylan dealing with her mom who is strong as hell and is at the end stage that there is nothing any doctor can do about it at this point. I just enjoy that they show how real scenarios, not just biting and sucking blood. Y aknow what I mean??? I hope so lol)

So all in all, this was a good book too, not my fave thus far but its pretty good! Sorry, this review wasn’t too great but I promise my next ones will be better 🙂 Catch you on the bite side…

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