Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed Book 3) by Lara Adrian review


Now we come up on Tegan’s story… which I’ve already said I had been really excited to read. Now, Tegan is the bad boy of the Breed. The hardass. The loner.

Some how, those are themost interesting stories when they fall for these extraordinary women.

AND that he does…

Elise is a widowed Breedmate, who just recently lost her son to the bad vampires. He ODed on this vamp drug, Crimson that turned him into a vamp on Bloodlust. So he was killed by one of the new Order members, who is also Elise’s ex-brother-in-law. Oh and did I forget to mention that he’s also in love with Elise. The brother in law is in love with his sister in law… isn’t that nice and complicated for ya? Yeah… its get better…

So we find that Elise disappeared for a few months after her son’s death. Well, comes to find out that she’s kicking some serious ass as a hidden bad vamp killer during the daylight hours. In her mind she’s taking vengence to a entire new level. Well, it just so happens that one day, she stays out just a little passed dark and thats the day that her new world takes another turn and definately, not for the worst.

Tegan is spying on this scene as he sees a woman about to be pounced on by these other bad vamps (that I can never remember their names lol sorry). He of course, being not the terrible hard ass shell that he needs everyone to believe, he rescues her.

While rescueing her, he realizes that he indeed knows this female and he tracks her down.

As he tracks her down, he realizes that she’s living in a slum of a building, holding up with padded foam to block out the voices. But not the voices everyone can hear but the voices insides people’s head… she can read minds. And its taking a serious toll on her. Giving her nose bleeds and just making her completely miserable. Tegan leaves, kills some bad vamps and then returns to her place to let her know that he killed whoever attacked her, I think it was…. or something like that.

The important part is when he returns, he breaks into her place to find her on her futon curled in a ball pretecting her head and ears. She’s in agony. He comes in and she has a fit because he moved some of the foam on the wall and then she callapses. Well, he sees this and he can’t stand the sight. He numbs her, puts some kinda of magic thingy. I forgot exactly what it was but, he makes it all better.


The next day, he’s back to his asshole self.

She doesn’t like being told what to do, just like any other woman in any other one of these books. And she tries to rebel, prove she can be something other than a fragile woman. Well she fails miserably and then they both fall in love.

Yadda yadda yadda… they both kiss and fuck. When they do, he imediately says its a mistake and pushes her away.

Anyways, at the end of it all works out. She’s safe. He’s saved her. They are happy they’ve found each other and then its on to read Rio’s tale in Book 4.

Well, I likes this book, I honestly thing they pushed the asshole track on him too much, they should have made him a little bit softer. I think the story was rushed for my taste but not all stories are exactly the same. Honestly, I enjoyed the book like I said… if I didn’t I wouldn’t have read book 4 already! 🙂

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