Kiss of Crimson (Midnight Breed 2) by Lara Adrian

This is why I saved my bad critique until I read the 2nd book. And let me tell you and it was well with the 400 something pages!

Wow! I absolutely adored this book! Nothing like someone who pushes love their entire life for fear of losing it eventually to actually find it and want nothing more than to keep it! I know that doesn’t make any sense but… let me tell you what its about…

The story revolves around Tess, a vet and Dante one of the Breed. Tess, has an obsessive ex who she doesn’t love and Dante feeds and fucks randomly. One night, while fighting these bad vamps that I can’t remember what they are called right now, he gets really hurt. He stumbles into the Vet’s work place, her little humble office. He stumbles in seeking help or seeking someone to feed on rather… and guess who he finds??? Tess, of course.

He feeds off her and realizes only after that she is a Breedmate. He knows this because he finds this crecent moon tear drop birthmart that all the Breedmates have. Well, once he’s feed from her he’s turned her into His. Yea, with just that one feed, he turns their worlds upside down and without knowledge of that at the time, he’s made her an official Breedmate and His.

Which is rather sexy if you ask me. I don’t know. I’m an independant woman, who can’t stand that posessiveness in real life but when its in these novels, its just so hot! Ugh, I’m such a bad lesbian! lol

So anyways, he has to erase her mind at this point because he bites her, she shoots him with a tranqu and then it gets worse from there that night.

Anyways, with lots of other things that happen in the fluff. He ends up seeing her everynight for what seems like years but I think its like 3 or 4 nights in a row. They sleep together some, they connect some, they confess some… but he still hasn’t told her what she is or what he is.

So as everybook I’ve ever read the confession of being a bloodsucker comes out, she panics some and leaves. While she’s out panicing, she runs in to her crazy drug dealing ex, who is going to kill her and DURING THE DAY btw. So Dante can’t really go out there… but yet he does. For years he’s been seeing the vision of his deal or so he seems. He gets these excrusiating visions of someone dying… but it turns out its Tess he sees dying. With this realization… he goes out in the sun and finds her anyways. Takes a few Breed thuigs with ’em and saves the day. Oh yea, and did I mention that Tess has healing powers… yeah, she healed Dante’s fake dog, Harvard that had a tumor and on the brink of dying and she healed Dante of these burns he got from saving her…

And then happy ending 🙂 YAY! 🙂 So it was totally worth the really complicated language of the first book to get to this one that I fucking adored! YAY! The next book with Tegan, the bad ass with no soul it seems, who lost his Breedmate to the hands of the oldest person he knows, the one other Gen One, Lucen.

I think its kinda fishy that the 3rd book of the Midnight Breed series is about the badd ass Breed guy who is the toughest and scariest. And the 3rd book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood is about Zadist, the baddest and toughest of the Brothers. Hmmmmm But none the less, Z is the my fave Brother (its a close race tho) so let’s see where Tegan leaves me…

Catch you on the other bloody page. Thanks for reading,

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