Kiss of Midnight (The Midnight Breed book 1) by Lara Adrian

Kiss of Midnight was the first book the Midnight Breed book 1.I’m really tossed for this book. The story line was so much like Black Dagger Brotherhood story that is absolutely one of my favorite series! So I’m torn between not liking the fact that it is almost the exact same story as Brotherhood and enjoying the storyline with different names and slightly different plot points.

Basic storyline: vampire meets girl, vampire fucks girl, girl starts falling for vampire, girl finds out guy is vampire and then girl doesn’t trust vampire, vampire saves girls life thus making girl trust vampire, girl and vampire fuck some more and then a big fight scene where girl does something stupid that the vampire has to go rescue her.

I started reading the 2nd book already and I have to admit, I’m hook already. So I’ll give a better review once I get a better grasp of the storyline.

Maybe its isn’t so much like Brotherhood? Only if I read on will I be able to tell…

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