Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 9) by JR Ward review


I love reading these books back to back, knowing that there is one to follow the last page. BUT THIS SUCKS NOW I FREAKING FRACKING HAVE TO WAIT…

Book fucking 10 ain’t gonna come out until 2012! Seriously? Like WTF JR Ward?!?

I apologize on my ghettoness a moment ago, however, it was totally called for. These books are like crack and this lady has me waiting a freaking year for the next book… UGH! You suck at life WARD! Not really but you get me!

Love Unleashed, true. Wow! I’ve gotta say this was a really good, powerful, puts a lot of pieces together book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It centers on Payne, Vishous’s twin sister and Manny, Jane’s old boss. However, I do believe this book is more about Vishous, than anyone. You’ve got the story between V and his twin, V and Jane and V and Butch (which is tre possibly the best one). Honestly, I love all the brothers, but V is the most complicated, I believe. The one with the most emotional scarring and the one that pulls at all the right heart strings more in this book than the one that was about him and Jane.

Something I love about this book is that happily ever afters don’t truly exist! They find their mates but necessarily live happily ever after. Hense, V and Jane who have found their mate, however, in this book they find that V becomes extremely distant and pushes Jane away because he can’t open up to her. Ward also did this in the last book with Z and Bella’s side story when Z wouldn’t hold his kid, Nalla. I really do love this about Ward’s book that, yeah we meet who we’re supposed to be with but you know what? We do have issues and that it’ll work out if you truly love the person who you’re with… love conquers all and all that shit.

More so, my new fave relationship of this series has to be Qhuinn and Blay aka Quay! *swoons* I swear, this story hits home more so because it’s a gay couple but because they are both in love with eachother but fucking other people. The Blay and Qhuinn’s cousins Saxton relationship is a little harsh. You have Saxton who is seriously crushing on poor Blay who’s heart is so clearly with Q. And Q doesn’t even notice Blay really until he starts hooking up with Sax. I mean, isn’t that a fucking kick in the ass! My heart goes out to these two gay guys because it’s a heartbreaking relationship. Boy loves boy first. Boy throws himself at boy twice just to be rejected. Boy is crushed by hearing other boy fucking everything that walks for the exception of him. And then boy meets boys cousin and then boy #2 notices boy…. Oh Ward. I love this story line. I find myself skipping a little of chapters to find the Qhuinn chapters and reading them first, then going back to the others. So guilty of chapter hopping! :-/

I’ve got to say, on the record, I will be so fucking upset with Ward if fucking Layla and Qhuinn get their relationship on! Seriously! I know there are a lot, too damn many, homophobic bastards out there but COME ON… you’ve already cleared it that they are both in love with eachother and that Layla isn’t in love with Qhuinn, she’s just crushing… don’t do it Ward, I’m telling you, you’ve got a huge gay fan base that you will pisse off if you go the Layla/Qhuinn book. But on further news… I actually did read in some other sites, saying that Ward has said that Blay and Qhuinn will be together, but they will not be getting their own book, however, they’ll be getting a short story… which is so much better than Q and Layla having an entire book… so ok, if that’s the case, I thus, will still read your books Ward. You will make a very happy lesbian.

This books has ended on a happy note, which I’ve got to say, I’ve missed terribly in the last couple of books. I’m a sucker for happy endings. I’m looking forward to the next book, hopefully we’ll get a hint on who the next relationship will be soon…

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