Covet by JR Ward review


This is not a Vampire novel, none the less, it was written by the same person who writes the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels so this is Vampire related 🙂

With that being said, this book takes place at the same places as the BDB series does. Which was a nice cozy place to read about places you’ve read about before. It gives you a good idea of where you are, which is nice. However, this was no DBD book. The sex was steamy, however, it more good vs evil and more about saving souls and all that. The story line was predictable as it were.

So this guy Jim does. He’s sucked into the outskirts of heaven and is trown a challenge. He has to save 7 souls. Basically the Angel’s and the Demon’s have this rival going on and they both chose this guy Jim who apparently has enough good and enough evil in him to be ok-ed by both parties. Which is kinda scary to say the leasy. So basically, he’s gotta go back to earth to save 7 people at a cross-road.

He goes back to earth to find this guy Vince, who is actually Jim’s boss, who is about to purpose to his g/f, Divina, of only 7 or 8 months. He bought he a 2 million dollar ring. The night he gets home to give it to her, she’s late, very late, with swollen lips. He suspects she was out with someone else. Which just so happens to be truth. Get this… she was out with JIM. That was the night he died.

Small. Fucking.World.

So as the story unravels, we meet Marie Terese, a prostitute who works at this club called Iron Mask. She’s a protitute, yes, with a 7 year old son, Robbie. She’s a good hearted lady who does what she does because she’s made some really bad choices in life, but at the end it was worth it. Now she has to sell her body to pay off some PI and some attorneys she had to hire in order to get back her son. Turns out, her ex, the big fucking asshole meat heat/wife beater stole their son and took off for 3 months without knowing where he was. Well 3 months later, she found her son and had a $130,000 worth of debt to pay because of it. So now she’s trying to pay it off the fasted way she can. She home school’s her kid and goes to church everynight before her shift. She hates what she does, but she does it to survive.

Well one night, Jim, Divina and Vin head out to Iron Mask where Vin meets Marie Terese for the first time. And yes, just like all of Ward’s books, it was life at first sight! Ot at least instant fucking attraction at first sight.

The night gets a little out of control once Vin gets hit on by a red head hooker/Gina and Divina gets really upsets. Forms this show that she wants to fuck him. He doesn’t get into it. She threatens to leave. He doesn’t refuse. And she takes off, with Jim leading her to her car. At this point Jim believes that the crossroad is to make sure that Vin stays with Divina. Which turns out to be wronger than wrong!

Anyways, the story on thickens. Vin saves Marie Terese from these punk kids. She nurses his wonds and the attraction only grows. It goes back and forth on the saving. It turns out they both have pretty bad pasts. Both have pretty terrible secrets that they’d much rather keep hidden. Eventually, Vin breaks up with Divina. And thats when the fiun really starts!!!

Yikes! She takes it alright at first. However, she sets him up on beating her up. And fucks with some security system to make it seem like it was really him. Which stinks. Because if you can bet on anything, is that the main male characters in Ward’s stories are NOT wife beaters. They may be big, tall, beefy and fucking gorgeous… oh oh oh and HORNY FUCKING BASTARDS BUT never beaters or making woman do anything against their will! Neva Eva!

So anyways there is plenty of action in this book. As in fighting and as in fucking. And a nice blend of both tho. Not too brutal and not to rounchy.

It goes on and on and more attraction. And sex and love and all this good stuff. All in all the book was good. Not one of my faves but it definately was captivating. It only took me 2 days to read it but I was hooked pretty fast (almost as much time the main characters to fall in love lol). I’m a sucker for good privaling.

Anyhow, after some soul free-ing, and a few deaths, it all works out… Vin and Marie Terese end up together. Her son meets Vin and they are instantly like each other, which is always nice. And they plan to live together. And Jim dies but comes back and goes on to search for his second soul. Oh and did I mention that Jim dies to save Marie Terese’s life?!? Which … was his crossroad! Awwwwww

I’m a little sad to find it that we don’t get more of the Vin and Marie Terese’s story in book too. BUt that’s saved for Soul #2 Jim’s gotta save.

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