Love Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood book 8)

So I just finished Lover Mine… and I have to say that this book I related to more than any other book of this series so far! And also one of the darkest and most moving one of them…

The main love story of this novel is with John (the mute, who lives this hard knock life life, son of Darius(who died in the first book), sister of the Queen and a good hearted furious warrior) and Xhex (a kick ass, hard up butch like heavy duty, don’t fuck with no one bitch, who has been britally sexually abused for the majority of her last weeks).

The thing I love most about this series is the fact that that each book is specifically about one main relationship. However, the relationship is not exclusive to its given book. I’ll explain… as for this book in particular is about John and Xhex. Well, this relationship has been developing since almost the beginning of the series. They have sex way before this Love Mine, granted the relationship blossoms in this book but didn’t start here. You dig? No? Alright maybe I’m not explaining myself too well right now. Let me move on to another thought and I’ll get back to this one in a little bit.
Like I mentioned before, this is (so far) the book of the series that I relate to the most! Here you have 2 people who have had such horrible life experiences that have made them who they are today. You have the young John, who was raised human, jumping from place to place, from orphanage to abuse to living on his own to find out he’s this creature. Life was never easy for him.
Poor guy has been mute his entire life. The reason I relate so well to this character is because he’s a good hearted person, with a hella good head on his shoulders for all the shit he’s had to put up with in life. Life has really thrown this kid lemons. His first sexual experience was being raped in a dirty/dungy place by a man… I know these are fictional characters, but I can’t seem to help the fact that I feel so strongly about these rape scenes that happen so much in this series. It’s like I relive shit that’s happened in my own life. You know?
Then you have Xhex, for her own reason she’s a tough bitch. At the beginning of this book, she’s been taken by this fucking psycho. She’s fucking sexually abused to the point of bruises on her inner thighs and her legs, neck. I mean you name it, she’s fucking experience it. Finally, when she thinks that its hopeless, that she’s never going to be found… she hears these noises and figures out that the Brothers are there to rescue her. She’s thrilled. However, when they get to the point that they finally get to the where she’s being held… they can’t see her because that fucking psycho has made this force field that has her hidden from anyone who isn’t him… fucking dick, right? Well, as John walks through the room she’s being held, she can sense something not right… he hears her but turns around and sees no one. He steals a pillow that smells like her. It’s one of the sweetest gestures of this series. I loved that moment.
So basically, the next day Xhex escapes. The details were confusing but she does it because the psycho is weak. Blah blah blah.
There is another relationship in this series that I am absolutely obsessed over and its with is Qhuinn and Blay. Blay, being gay and Quinn being try-sexual because he’s literally just fucking the pages off these books. This is such a tormented love. Blay is in love with Quinn and is tormented by having to see his love fuck away his life. And in the beginning he would have sex around Quinn as he’s fucking some other chick too. It IS a rather twisted relationship these two have. But unfortunately, this is how the gays roll. Lesbians do the same mother fucking thing! Try being head over heels with the first girl you kissed and then have her talk about wanting to fuck this one and that one. (cough cough) Sorry, this blog isn’t about me… but just giving another reason why I relate so much to this book in particular. So ok, he loves him, he fucks everyone and then we get jealous. So all these guys are killer looking. I mean physically killer and by the Virgin Scribe, killer looks. Blay is approached by Qhuinn’s cousin and they go out together. Well this drives big Q crazy mad with jealous and unleashes his true feelings about loving Blay. So cute! I nearly cried!! So anyways, the jealously only gets worse when the Q’s cousin has sex with Blay just right next door to Q’s room. It’s pretty tormenting have to read about how it tortures him so! And knowing very much that both of these guys are in love with each other. Blay has already confessed his love with Q and has been turned down, brutally! You see, Q was the first guy Blay kissed. Which makes it even more special. You always remember your first, whether you are gay, straight, bi, lesbian or try. Unless, you are Q!
Q was shunned by his family for having one green eye and one blue eye. So now he is on this mission to prove himself to society… but being gay isn’t going to help with his issues. It’s only going to make them worse. See, he wants so bad for societies approval he’s denying himself to truly be happy. It’s sad, but so relatable in any society, its hard to approve of homosexuality. UGH!
So this torture fest just goes on and on and on…
In the middle of all this heart wrenching stuff, there are a lot of blood and back story. I don’t care so much for the Darius stuff. But basically Darius knew Xhex when she was born and knew her mother. Annnddddddddd her mother who was said to be dead, is actually alive and being held as one of the Chosen, a group of women who are used to feed the Brothers, since they can only be fed by other female vampires. IDK, call me crazy but Ward, who is the author by the way, sometimes forgets or seems like she leaves batches undone and then it sthe rush rush rush to create some weak ass story line or 2 to wrap up a loose end. It’s cool, I mean, do what you gotta do but the story does suffer when there is only 20 pages to wrap up a happy ending for all.
All in all, I was not surprised that Xhex and John get mated and was really happy that they wrote more about the mating ritual than they do in the other books. I like the mating ritual itself. It’s different than an actual wedding. The sex was rough and dark in this book. I liked and didn’t like all at the same time. This is by far, my favorite book of the series, thus far. One quick note, I noticed a BUTT LOAD of typos. This was a little discouraging. However, I could deal with it. But for me to notice the errors, it must have been bad. Since I am not the greatest speller or the greatest at grammar. Lol
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