Miners Rescue in Chile

As someone born and raised in the Latin capital of the world, that isn’t actually a spanish nation (aka Miami), this Miners Rescue where 33 miners were trapped in a mine for something like 69 days are being rescued one by one today. And its seriously some pretty exciting stuff. On some of the Spanish network channels on tv, they stopped broadcasting normally scheduled TV shows to put non-stop live footage from the Miners Rescue. It was kinda like Hurrican watch where they put NOTHING PUT rain and weather on tv for I don’t know how many days before and aftera storm.

It’s pretty cool stuff these people getting rescued. On cnn.com, they actually have a time clock of the rescue missing, how many have been rescued and a bio of all the rescued men that have been pulled out already. Again, this is pretty neat stuff. As of when this was posted, they have rescued 22 miners so far and have 11 to go! Lets go Chile!!

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