Vampire Diaries…

I promise not to make all my posts about Vampires but thats what I’m really into at this time… that and this novella about una gordita bella. But anyways, Vampire Diaries was a show that I refused myself to watch, mostly because I did NOT want to get into watching ANOTHER show that I must break all my plans to watch on that particular day of the week. Major suckage for me because NOW I’ve read all the books and now I’m like DYING to watch the show. I haven’t watched a single episode yet BUT I’m going to watch one tonight. I’m actually going to start in on the 2nd season, I think they are on the 5th episode of this season (WHICH is completely different from the book). Which is a shame because I really love the books. One main difference that I’ve noticed that Bonnie in the book has red hair. As a (not so natural) red head, I could relate to her and her wild fire curls with her psychic powers that I am also all about and now Bonnie has no red locks 🙁 which makes me mad sad. BUT its NOT about how one looks at much as how one acts. So we’ll see if I’ll still be disappointed when I see the show. *Huff*

Yo, seriously, I read all 6 Vampire Diaries book in like 1 week. I work full time, I go home and cook and clean like every other person in the world. But I still managed to read them all in a really short time.

I’m looking for more books to read since the only one left that I’m going to pick up tomorrow is the 2nd book of the Lauren Kate’s Fallen books. (That one is about angels, not vampires) But still good, nonetheless.

I’ve really can’t think of anything else to say so I’m signing off.

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